Artist with green facepaint looking down

Context Collapse (2020)

“Context collapse” is a phrase used in digital culture to describe how the boundaries of different communication contexts collapse on social media, as personal, professional, and family spheres coalesce on these virtual platforms. Public health restrictions that have followed the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which have meant the closure of schools, workplaces, and other public spaces as people are encourage to “stay home,” have introduced another type of context collapse. Unlike the online phenomenon, this context collapse is not virtual, but the personal, professional, and family are now coexisting in the same time and physical space. While virtual instances of context collapse are difficult to manage, requiring strategic impression management to keep professional and personal presentations distinctive for instance, the context collapse of COVID-19 is an impossible negotiation of reproductive politics. These performances were streamed over Periscope.

artist with green face paint and young child appearing in paint

artist with green face paint and young child appearing in paint

artist holding cloth that conveys landscape scene with dandelion puff

artist emerging from cloth that has outdoor scene in park with children playing

artist laying on side emerging from cloth with scene of young child laughing


EL Putnam

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