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Mine Body


Multi-media Performance

While pregnant, I experienced drastic changes in my body over the nine months. As my daughter grew, my body swelled, my motions slowed, and my balance was skewed. Throughout this process, I felt simultaneously exposed and invisible

I begin the performance behind a semi-transparent curtain in the corner of the gallery. A light is placed behind the curtain and directed at me, which cast a shadow on the back wall, creating a doubled image of my body. A video is projected onto the semi-transparent cloth. Iam wearing on a green chiffon cloth draped loosely on my body, covering my breasts and lower body but leaving my abdomen exposed. The audience can see me, but because of the way the light is directed at me, I cannot see the audience. As the video fades from black to white, the sound of a heart beat appears. This is actually the beating of my heart. I begin to move very slowly — deliberate prolonged actions. I move my arms up, over, and around my body. I hover my hand over my stomach, but I never touch it. At times I pause and hold these slow motions, intentionally shifting a foot or my head. The heart beat sound changes to that of my husband, and then merges with the foetus. All three blend in a coincidental disharmony (but people assume it is just the foetus). Sometimes I breath deeply through my mouth, especially as the piece moves on. I interact with the cloth around my body, hinting at exposure or covering myself up. I continue in this manner for about an hour, at which point I part the two curtains. I stand motionless for a moment looking at the audience. After some time, I begin to exit the corner space. To my surprise, my feet are swollen making walking challenging. I find myself touching the wall to keep my balance. I slowly make my way to the back of the gallery through the audience, eyes trained ahead. I break my stride every once in a while with a moment of stillness. The manipulation of the cloth has left me more nude than not, but I am unashamed. I make it to the back of the gallery and exit through the door. The piece ends.




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